Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ormoc City Philippines

The Sugar Plantation in Ormoc City is one of the unforgettable journeys I have because it shows me how the child laborers force to work for a living. Most of them start to work at the very young age, and most of them don’t go to school just to feed there family, I relate the situation because I understand poverty. Maybe some of you think that I always write about poverty, I did this to open up your eyes about how lucky we are for having things that others don’t have, and I want you guys to appreciate for what you have and pray for the luck of others.

Davao Del Sur Philippines

I’ve been to Digos Davao Del Sur where you can see the island in the middle of the sea. When I was there, theirs a lot of tourist who’s enjoying the view of the island and it was so beautiful. I cant imagine how people leave the Philippines if they can find the beauty here in there own country, but when I think about the poverty I know the answer then, but anyway what ever reasons have the Filipino has I still enjoy the beauty of my own country and I’m proud to be a Filipino……………

San Ildefonso Bulacan

I remember when I was a teenager me and a group of friends do some adventure in San Ildefonso Bulacan, were we find the most horrifying house in town they called it the “Red House”. We stay there for one night and it was so scary because we experience a lot of strange things like the strong winds, the noise of the drag chain, and the crying of the lady. There is a hear say that the house was been there since 18 century, a lot of people been killed and buried alive on that time and all of them was looking for revenge. One of the interesting hear say that we hear, is their a lot of golds underneath the house actually we met the treasure hunters there. I don’t know if there’s a treasure or not but one thing I’m sure I will never forget that journey.